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Riccardo MutiCelebrating Giuseppe Verdi

“Giuseppe Verdi was a composer who expressed the most essential feelings of mankind: love, hate, friendship, jealousy—everything that reflects our life, our way of being human. His music is the mirror of who we are. Each of Verdi’s operas expresses human nature in such a profound way that we often recognize ourselves in Verdi’s characters.

When Verdi died, the famous Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio wrote a few lines that I think perfectly express who Verdi was: ‘Diede una voce alle speranze e ai lutti. Pianse ed amò per tutti’—he gave a voice to all our hopes, he wept and loved for all of us. That’s why Verdi will always be of the moment, and he will never become old-fashioned. I feel certain that in 50 years, 100 years, 200 years, Verdi will still be a composer who speaks to people. His voice is universal.”
Riccardo Muti

Music Director Riccardo Muti and the CSO celebrate the 200th birthday of Italy’s greatest opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, with concerts from September 18-October 10, 2013. More information on Verdi, A Citizen Musician.

Limited availability remains for many of these phenomenal concerts, and tickets are only available with a subscription package purchase. Visit at or call 312-294-3000 today.


Riccardo Muti - VerdiMuti’s Book on Verdi

Maestro Muti has released a new book, Verdi, l’Italiano, in 2013 to mark the bicentennial of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth. This book is currently available throughout Europe and can also be purchased in the United States in its original Italian from